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  • We are Mon-Fri 24 hrs from 10am to 5pm
  • 1-800-KaBloom (5666)

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  • At this time we do not ship internationally, delivery is only available in the United States and India. For flower deliveries in India please visit

  • No. We use UPS and the agent will leave the flowers on the doorstep if the recipient is not home at the time of delivery.

  • Yes, 2-day shipping is free for orders arriving on Tuesday – Friday. 1-Day shipping is also available at an additional cost of $19.99. Saturday deliveries are available at an additional cost of $9.99. Please note that Sunday deliveries are not available.

  • Yes, please visit to place a same day order to anywhere in the country.


  • Our fresh flowers ship direct from our growers directly to you! That means the flowers you receive are fresher than those from traditional florists. Your flowers may arrive in bud form, giving you the chance to see them brilliantly bloom before your very eyes. Once your flowers arrive it may take up to 4 days for your flowers to bloom to maturity.

    Step One Cut the fastener band that is securing your bouquet into the box -this can be done with any pair of household scissors.

    Step Two

    Fill a vase 3/4 full with fresh warm water. Add the provided KaBloom Flower Food.

    Step Three

    Remove the protective floral tissue.

    Step Four

    If your bouquet shipped with Bloom2O, a hydration balloon covering the bottom of your bouquet, cut the stems at an angle at least one inch above the balloon. Some flowers do not require Bloom2O and for these arrangements cut the stems at an angle at least one inch from the bottom of the stem.

    Step Five

    If necessary, remove the outside protective petals (no more than 1 or 2). These petals were intentionally left on to protect your flowers during shipment.

    Step Six

    Remove all of the foliage and leaves that falls below the water line. Cut the bottom of the stems at least one inch under warm running water with a shears, scissors, or sharp knife. Place the flowers in the vase, fluff out your bouquet and enjoy!

  • When your flowers arrive, they will be thirsty and need to drink water. Please bear in mind that it may take 8-12 hours for your flowers to perk up once submerged in water.

    After 2 - 3 days, replace the water in your vase. Refresh the water with the second packet of the KaBloom Flower Food, and re-cut the stems.

    Often after a few days, the water in the vase will start to turn cloudy and/or yellow. This is a natural sign that bacteria are growing in the water. Bacteria can clog stems and shorten the vase life of flowers, so keep the water clear at all times to ensure the longevity of your blooms. If your water starts to turn cloudy, immediately empty the vase and add fresh water, preferably mixed with the KaBloom flower food provided.

    No matter what type of arrangement you have, it is important to keep your flowers off of televisions, appliances and heating/cooling units. You should also keep them away from hot or cold drafts and out of direct sunlight.

  • We ship our flowers in bud form for optimal vase life; blooms will naturally open a few days after cutting them and putting them in water. If you want your flowers to open faster you can trim them and put them in hot water to speed up the blooming process.

  • We take pride in the quality of the products we ship and the service we provide. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality and freshness of your flowers, please call us at 1-800-KABLOOM or email us at and we will gladly replace your bouquet.

  • Yes, if you order a vase it will come in the same box as your flowers.

  • Yes, we include a flower care card and flower food with every order.


  • On the checkout screen, enter the code in the ‘Gift Code’ box and click ‘Apply Code’ before completing checkout.

  • Yes, when you checkout there is a box where you can write a message that will be included with the flowers.

  • Please give us a call at 1-800-KABLOOM (5666) to make any changes to an order. Please call before 3:00pm EST on the day you placed the order as our shipments go out at 3:00pm each day.

  • After placing your order you will receive a confirmation email that will contain your order information as well as a UPS tracking number. Visit and enter your tracking number to track your order.


  • Yes, we currently have 3 stores in the Boston area and opening more stores in the next few months. Our store locations are:

    305 Harvard Street
    Brookline, MA

    Natick Mall
    On the Upper Level by the Food Court

    South Station
    In the Main Hall between Gates 8 and 9

  • Brookline Store
    8:00am – 8:00pm 7 days a week

    Natick Mall Store
    10:00am – 9:00pm 7 days a week

    South Station Store
    7:00am – 8:00pm Monday - Friday

  • Yes we do! Local deliveries in the Boston area are available Monday – Saturday. We have a $40.00 minimum order for all local deliveries as well as a $9.95 delivery fee. Please call us at (617) 730-9966 for information about delivery area and to arrange a local delivery.

  • Yes! Please stop by one of our locations or call (617) 730-9966 for a free consultation with one of our floral designers.